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"Leaky Bladder" is common and treatable

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) 

SUI is a condition where unwanted bladder leaks happen during normal daily activities as a result of urethral hypermobility.

What is SUI?

Running, Jumping

Laughing, Coughing

Other Activities

 Leaking may occur with

will suffer significant loss of bladder control, and although incontinence affects many women without kids, up to 65% will notice this problem for the first time either during or after childbirth. 

At Least 1 in 3 women

Is there a treatment for SUI?

Altyx™ will soon have available a minimally invasive treatment for SUI utilizing both mesh-reduced and mesh-free devices.

Millions each year choose surgery for this condition, and millions more seek non-surgical treatment; countless others silently endure symptoms without ever seeking help. 

Altyx™ is dedicated to making a solution accessible and amplifying the voices of women affected by SUI.

Other Treatable Female PFDs:

It may be obstructive defection disorder (ODS) caused by rectal prolapse.

"It feels like more poop is stuck"

It may be vaginal bulge caused by uterine prolapse, one type of pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

"It feels like there's a lump or bulge"

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