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Minimally invasive, minimal risk, permanent relief

Introducing UroThread™

UroThread Mini-Sling™

The UroThread Mini-Sling System is a new approach to treating female SUI that minimizes risk of complications typically associated with mesh slings.

1 in 5 women will undergo SUI surgery by age 80. 

How Does the Repair Work?

Altyx Urothread Mini-Sling™ 

Our latest mini sling is designed to be gentle on your body, avoiding sensitive areas in the pelvic region to minimize the risk of muscle injury. This means less chance of experiencing hip pain or leg weakness and the need for less mesh material.


The Urothread device allows your doctor to securely anchor the mini-sling to the tissue along the lower part of your pelvic bone with just one incision. The procedure involves placing T-shaped anchors on both sides through a small incision in the vagina. The mesh is then carefully adjusted and secured in place with sutures. Once everything is in position, a cystoscopy is performed to ensure successful impementation.


The Urothread Mini-Sling™  is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning it's not as extensive as some other surgeries. It involves only a small incision, and the sling is positioned precisely to support the urethra without affecting other pelvic muscles. This helps reduce the risk of injury while restoring more normal control over urinary flow.

No Abdominal incision, Minimal Mesh

The UroThread Mini-Sling procedure requires only one vaginal incesion and is not placed on or through the pelvic floor muscles, restoring urethral support while removing risk of complications.

Think UroThread Mini-Sling™ may be right for you? 

Mini-Sling™ is not currently FDA cleared for SUI. The content of the website is provided for informational purposes only.​

Why is UroThread Mini-Sling™ different
than other treatments?

UroThread Mini-Sling™  

requires no abdominal incision and is a minimally invasive procedure.

UroThread Mini-Sling™

is not placed  into or through the obturator/lateral pelvic floor muscles removing risk of complications.

UroThread Mini-Sling™ 

is designed to use one handheld anchor passer rather than two helical introducers

By avoiding the pelvic floor muscles, Mini-Sling™ provides a lasting solution to SUI, and eliminates the risks associated with other sling solutions.  


Lasting results. 

UroThread Mini-Sling™ is designed to avoid complications typically associated with mesh implants by avoiding the obturator/lateral pelvice floor muscles. By implanting T-anchors directly adjacent to the pubis, bone-to-bone mesh contact is achieved. With the implant in place and appropriately positioned, the sling mechanically supports the urethra, which helps prevent involuntary loss of urine during increases in intra-abdominal pressure. This allows patients to return to daily activities without the risk of the mini-sling causing pain or discomfort

Stay active, Stay strong

Altyx Updates

Breakthrough Device Designation 

According to the FDA, ODiSi™, a new type of treatment for ODS, has "significant advantages over existing approved or cleared alternatives to include reducing or eliminating the need for hospitalization, improving patient quality of life, facilitating the patients’ ability to manage their own care or establishing long-term clinical efficiencies”.

Altyx Update:

National Science Foundation

SBIR Phase I & II:

National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I & II awarded for "mesh free, sling free, minimally invasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence."

Altyx Update:

New Team Member: Costas Manganiotis

Costas Manganiotis joins the Altyx Medical team as its Chief Operating Officer & President. He comes from Lexington Medical, a surgical stapling company, where he served as their Vice President and GM for international. Prior to Lexington, Costas worked for 17 years with Boston Scientific, mostly in the area of Urology & Women's health. 

Mini-Sling™ is not currently FDA cleared for SUI. The content of the website is provided for informational purposes only.​ Click here to stay up to date. 

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