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The first minimally invasive solution for female ODS

Introducing ODiSi™

Altyx ODiSi™

ODiSi™ enables treatment of ODS using natural connective tissues, rather than a mesh implant. This is known as a "native tissue repair."

How Does the Repair Work?

The repair of the rectum (rectopexy) can be performed through the vagina. This is called a transvaginal rectopexy. In a transvaginal rectopexy, the rectum can be suspended to a structure between your spine and pelvic bone, the sacrospinous ligament. 

Suspension of the rectum to the sacrospinous ligament (sacrospinous rectopexy) allows it to regain its straight shape, eliminating or reducing rectal prolapse (sliding / folding of the rectum)​.

With ODiSi™, this surgery can be performed with no mesh implant. Instead, ODiSi™ reinforces and suspends the patient’s own natural connective tissues — a method referred to as “native tissue repair.”​

No mesh, no abdominal incision.

The ODiSi™ procedure requires no abdominal incision and is performed completely free of mesh implants, restoring rectal support in an anatomically correct manner, as demonstrated by ultrasound-based research.

Think ODiSi™ may be right for you? 

ODiSi™ is not currently FDA cleared for ODS. The content of the website is provided for informational purposes only.​

Why is ODiSi™ different than other treatments?

ODiSi™ is performed without abdominal surgery and no outer incisions. 

Performed through a single vaginal incision, ODiSi™ takes ~30 minutes.

ODiSi™ involves no preoperative bowel preparation.

Peer-reviewed published studies have shown sacrospinous rectopexy to be associated with rapid recovery through an outpatient procedure, with immediate and durable long-term clinical improvement, and high rates of patient satisfaction.


Study results have demonstrated statistically significant improvements in all ODS symptoms and subjective improvement at 12 months after surgery.

Fast recovery, lasting results. 

ODiSi™ involves no preoperative bowel preparation, takes about 30 minutes, and allows most patients to return home a few hours after the surgery.​


During the recovery period, patients are expected to temporarily avoid certain strenuous activities but otherwise may resume a rapid return to daily and social routines.​

Get right back to normal.

Altyx Updates

Breakthrough Device Designation 

According to the FDA, ODiSi™, a new type of treatment for ODS, has "significant advantages over existing approved or cleared alternatives to include reducing or eliminating the need for hospitalization, improving patient quality of life, facilitating the patients’ ability to manage their own care or establishing long-term clinical efficiencies”.

Altyx Update:

National Science Foundation

SBIR Phase I & II:

National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I & II awarded for "mesh free, sling free, minimally invasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence."

Altyx Update:

New Team Member: Costas Manganiotis

Costas Manganiotis joins the Altyx Medical team as its Chief Operating Officer & President. He comes from Lexington Medical, a surgical stapling company, where he served as their Vice President and GM for international. Prior to Lexington, Costas worked for 17 years with Boston Scientific, mostly in the area of Urology & Women's health. 

ODiSi™ is not currently FDA cleared for ODS. The content of the website is provided for informational purposes only.​ Click here to stay up to date. 

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